ISSN: 2658-4018
DOI prefix: 10.35599

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Volume 1, №4, 2019


The rationale for the layout of working bodies of the wide-reach flat cutter for the tractor of traction class 8 by the criteria of material consumption and rolling resistance
Derepaskin A.I., Polishchuk Yu.V., Dyadyuchenko A.F.

Research on determination of the final size of hydrotechnical structures’ bases’ subsidence
Khuzhakulov R., Dzhumanazarova A.


Water saving technology of cotton sowing
Auezov O.P., Utepbergenov B.K., Ramazanov B.K.

Attracting ability of medium-fiber cotton genotypes bolls and their yield
Saidov S.T., Dragavtsev V.A., Sadikov A.T.

Studies of rootstocks for stone fruit breeds (sweet cherry) in the condition of Hissar valley in Tajikistan
Ismoilova R.I., Umarova S.D.


Philosophy of organic agriculture: background, history and modern concept
Turchanova V.T., Nekrasov S.N.