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Authors, reviewers and members of the editorial board should follow the standards of publication ethics described below, which comply with the ethical principles adopted by the Committee on Publication Ethics - COPE.

Reliability and validity

- The published research should be conducted in accordance with ethical and legal norms and it should be implemented qualitatively and meticulously. - Researchers should use appropriate methods for analyzing and presenting data (and, if necessary, to seek advice from a specialist in this field). - The authors are collectively responsible for their work and the content of the publication. Researchers must carefully check their publications at all stages to ensure that all their methods and results are stated accurately.


- Authors should carefully check all calculations, data submissions, documentation and evidence generated by them. - Researchers must present the results honestly and without any fabrication, falsification or unfair manipulation of data. Edited published images (e.g., micrographs, radiographs, electrophoresis images) should not mislead the reader. - Researchers should strive to describe their methods and present their discoveries clearly and unequivocally. Researchers must follow research guidelines. Publications should provide sufficient information so that other researchers can repeat the performed experiments. - Quotes and links on other works must be accurate and neat. - Authors should not copy links of other publications that they have not read.


- New results should be presented in the context of previous studies. The researches of other scientists should be properly reflected. The review and conclusions from existing studies should be complete, balanced and should include information regardless of whether they support the hypothesis and interpretation of the author or not.


- All restrictions adopted during the study should be reflected in the publication.
Authors must comply with the requirements for publications regarding the fact that the proposed work is original and has not been published anywhere in any language. The work can not be sent simultaneously to several publications, except when publishers agree on a joint publication. If an article is published jointly, this fact should be known to the readers. - All copyright conventions and laws must be respected. Materials protected by copyright (e.g., tables, numbers or large quotations) may be reproduced only with the permission of their owners. - The publication should refer to relevant previous work of other researchers or the author, and it must be performed correctly and accurately. In all possible cases, reference to the source should be indicated. - It is necessary to indicate the authorship of the data, text, images/figures and ideas that the author received from other sources, and they should not be presented as belonging to the author of the publication. Direct quotes from works of other researchers should be distinguished by quotation marks and the corresponding link.


- All research funding and support, including direct and indirect financial support, the provision of equipment or materials, and other types of support (e.g., the help of statisticians or technical writers) should be indicated. - Authors should provide information on financial and non-financial interests and relationships that could affect the interpretation of their discoveries, as well as information of a kind that may be relevant to publishers, reviewers and readers.

Authorship and reference

- Researchers must ensure that only those individuals who meet the criteria for authorship (have made significant contributions to the work) are considered as authors; and that researchers who deserve authorship will not be excluded from the list of authors.

By sending an application for publication of an article in the international scientific and practical journal “Agricultural Technologies”, the author confirms that:

- the article was not sent to another journal, is not under consideration in another journal and has not been published anywhere else;

- he/she agrees on publication of the work in the public domain, as well as the transfer of information to bibliographic databases;

- he/she agrees on storage and processing of personal data.

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