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Year: 2019 | Volume: 1 | Issue: 4 | Page No.: 35-44

Date of arrival of manuscript at Journal: November 13, 2019 | Publication date: December 30, 2019

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Philosophy of organic agriculture: background, history and modern concept

Turchanova V.T., Nekrasov S.N.

Abstract. The purpose of the work is to reveal the concept of organic agriculture in a temporary aspect. Methodology and objects of the research are a comparative analysis of literary sources: the works of foreign and domestic scientists in the field of organic farming, foreign legislative acts, statistical data of FiBL and IFOAM. The result is the discovering of that the prerequisites for the emergence of organic production is the “green revolution”. Intensive farming led to the appearance of the opposite – organic movement. The authors considered the ideas of R. Steiner, A.T. Bolotov, V.I. Vernadsky, H. Muller, O. Mokiti, 4th Baron Northbourne, E. Balfour, A. Howard, R.L. Carson and M. Fukuoka. They laid foundation for the modern concept of organic farming. It includes four principles: health, ecology, justice, care. Authors of this article give a brief description of the state of organic agriculture in Russia and worldwide.

Key words: organic farming, green revolution, biodynamic farming, health, ecology.

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