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DOI prefix: 10.35599

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Year: 2019 | Volume: 1 | Issue: 4 | Page No.: 28-34

Date of arrival of manuscript at Journal: September 23, 2019 | Publication date: December 30, 2019

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Studies of rootstocks for stone fruit breeds (sweet cherry) in the condition of Hissar valley in Tajikistan

Ismoilova R.I., Umarova S.D.

Abstract. This paper is about studying the rootstocks for stone fruit breeds (sweet cherry) in condition of Hissar valley in Tajikistan. Each type of rootstock has its own biological characteristics and imposes specific requirements for growing and development, both during reproduction in the mother plantation and during the growth of trees. For example, the root system in sour cherry is more superficial that of wild sweet cherry. Therefore, the care of trees grafted on sour cherry and wild cherry and of mother plantation bushes of these rootstocks cannot be same. Besides, there are very significant differences among the individual groups of rootstocks. Wild cherry, Mahaleb cherry and Lubskaya cherry are used as rootstocks in the conditions of the Hissar Valley in Tajikistan. High specificity of sweet cherry cultivar varieties depends on the rootstocks. Phenological observation were carried out in our experiments during years 2013-2018 in order to study their winter resistance, yield capacity and fruit quality. The same care for root and grafted plants was carried out during the entire observation period. At the same time a certain ratio between the leaf system of the rootstock and the graft was maintained by trimming the crown. As a result of the evolution and selection, we have identified the wild cherry forms which are distinguished by the highest yields. The most valuable cultivar varieties are Napoleon cherry and Bagration cherry. Compotes made of these varieties have received high evaluation in tasting.

Key words: cultivar, rootstock, sweet cherry, seedling, harvest, farm, trees, tree crown.

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